History of Cheesecake

history of cheesecake

If you are a big fan of cheesecake, you would want to know about the history of cheesecake as well. Do you know the origin of cheesecake? Cheesecake is a delicious dessert, and not most people go deep diving into the history of cheesecake, but if you are a curious cheesecake enthusiast, then this article will tell you all about it. Cheesecake is more like baked custard but a lot better in taste and texture. Having a fair share of cheesecakes, I can tell a good cheesecake is the one with the right balance of soft cream cheese mixed homogeneously with the eggs and sugar. Of course, the classic cheesecake is the best, hands down. But let’s dive into the history.

Where did cheesecake originate from?

It dates back to the 5th century from the time of ancient Greeks who started making cheesecake, also known as flat mass. They started making it by using pounded smooth cheese combined with honey and flour and then cooking on a griddle made of earthenware. It evolved during the medieval Europe era when cheesecake was revolutionized with a pastry base In the form of a tart.

The first cookbook consisting of the cheesecake recipe was the “Forme of Curry,” which included a cheesecake made of curd cheese and egg white combined with rosewater for flavor. This one was the earliest cheesecake recipe that you can find in history. Soon the love of cheesecake evolved among English people, and by 1730 there was a cheesecake house in Philadelphia. This cheesecake house offers cheesecakes of 3 different types along with curd pudding. With time the ingredients evolved, and the taste got better as well.

In 1909 the use of cream cheese was included in the cheesecake recipe. Not only in the English region, but the cheesecake also became popular among the people of us and Germany. Like a wildfire, the boom of cheesecake spread to many cities and countries. Over time the people and the pastry shops continued experimenting with cheesecake in New York. And eventually, they figured that the sour cream could produce a smooth and creamy texture, but too much of the sour cream would not compliment the cheesecake flavor. It also evolved during that time that the cheesecake’s crust needs to be thin and crispy, making sure that it is light, fluffy, and creamy, just like a big pudding but better.

Is cheesecake still famous?

Well, it is more famous than it has ever been. You can now find a variety of cheesecakes with various flavors and textures. It is safe to say that it is not difficult to find the best cheesecake shop anymore. However, not every pastry shop can axle the best cheesecake. It requires plenty of experience and experimenting to get the best outcome of the fluffy, creamy, and Super delicious cheesecake. If you are a cheesecake fan, you must have tried The Cheesecake Factory cheesecake. If not, you can find these cheesecakes near me. These cheesecakes are also available at Roll me up ice cream which is the best cheese cake near me option that you can consider in Toronto.

What is the best cheesecake flavor?

When looking at the menu, you can find plenty of flavors, but no doubt the classic cheesecake is the best among All. You can also try out the Raspberry filled and the chocolate cheesecake options. But if you want the original flavor, then you know the classic one is for you. The one with a thin crispy crust and creamy, fluffy cream on top of it big at the right temperature with a firm slice, is it not the yummiest option? So, what are you waiting for? Look for the best cheese cake near me option and satisfy your baked custard craving right now.

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