Discover Delightful Flavors Of Rolled Ice Cream in Etobicoke


Indulge in a sensational escape into a world of delicious flavors at Roll Me Up Ice Cream & Desserts, where every roll of our ice cream is a harmonious blend of taste and creativity.


Located in the vibrant heart of Etobicoke, Roll Me Up Ice Cream & Desserts is your go-to spot for the finest ice cream and desserts in town. Whether you're searching for "ice cream near me" or yearning for a delightful dessert experience, we've got you covered.


Thai Rolled Ice Cream: More Than Just a Dessert!

Dive into the delightful experience of Thai Rolled Ice Cream, a sweet treat crafted fresh and rolled right before your eyes. With an extensive range of flavors and a plethora of toppings, you’ll be spoilt for choice!


Beyond Ice Cream Rolls

Explore beyond our signature Thai Rolled Ice Cream and indulge in the exquisite delight of Belgian Waffles, perfectly paired with your favorite ice cream. Our diverse menu offers a variety of dessert options that promise to tantalize your taste buds.


Tempting Milkshakes & More

Our thick, velvety milkshakes are a luscious blend of fresh fruits and irresistible flavors, providing the perfect pick-me-up for any day.


Experience Sweet Bliss Today

Visit us at our Etobicoke location and immerse yourself in the delectable world of Thai Rolled Ice Cream, divine milkshakes, smoothies, pancakes, and more. Let every bite be a delightful journey into sweetness.


Discover the magic at Roll Me Up Ice Cream & Desserts in Etobicoke, where each ice cream roll is a masterpiece, topped with a delightful assortment of nuts and syrups.


Treat yourself to a delightful mix of ice cream rolls in various flavors, all created with passion and care. We use only the freshest fruits and finest ingredients to craft our unique desserts.


At Roll Me Up Ice Cream & Desserts, we offer an exceptional range of flavors that promise to satisfy. Every bite of our expertly made ice cream rolls is a journey to pure bliss.


Our wide selection of milkshakes, waffles, Thai rolled ice cream, and cheesecake is sure to impress. If you’re searching for the ultimate ice cream experience in Etobicoke, your quest ends here. Click and discover the best desserts in town!

Customers Review
review Image

Such a cute little ice cream shop! We got Ferraro Rocher and Mango Strawberry, both were so good!! Ferrero Rocher was rich and flavorful while the Mango Strawberry was very refreshing!

Annie Kwok
review Image

We accidentally discovered this ice cream dessert place. The store itself is really attractive It is bright and colorful. We ordered the roll ice cream. We love watching the making of it. The seating is very comfortable.

Ash21 L
review Image

Very cute spot for eating this days popular dessert- fried or rolled ice cream, quite a decent amount of choice + any topping of your choice included in the price, friendly staff on site

Victoria Kim
review Image

Visited this place for first time & got a warm welcome from the owner & some good

suggestions to try. Tried Paan King, Mango Madness, Pistachios & Mango Strawberry.

Jaskirat Singh
review Image

We tried Mango Madness roll up ice cream with mango bubbles and it tastes very fresh when they blast. pistachio and new flavour Cashew Gulkand roll-up ice cream were also amazing.

Riddhi Patel
review Image

The taste of ice cream is amazing. Hard working team and its worth the money you spend. Had Gulab Jamun ice cream and Mango ice cream. Both were amazing! Will Definitely try the other flavors on next visit!

Rahul Haridasan
review Image

Staff were very patient and friendly as well! Can’t wait to come back in hot summer days!

Shawn Fedrick
review Image

The staff was friendly and super patient while I asked a ton of questions. Highly recommended for great sweet pick me up!